Areopagus Education Podcast Your Life Matters (Apologetics)

What Are You Living For? (Session #1)

Deep down, every human being craves answers to life’s fundamental questions:

1. Origin: where did I come from?

2. Meaning: why am I here on this earth — does my life matter?

3. Wholeness: how can I feel peace, joy, and completeness amidst suffering?

4. Hope: will things get better here on earth? What happens when I die?

We may pretend we do not care about answering these questions. Or we may occupy and dull our minds — playing video games, binge-watching Netflix, or endlessly scrolling Instagram — so that we do not have to ponder them too often. But those that have not answered these questions will be haunted by them. They will plague us when we can’t sleep at night, or they will gnaw at us when we feel depressed. For those that are somehow able to ward off these questions, there will come a day when one realizes they must be answered immediately. This sense of urgency will be caused by a cancer diagnosis, a car accident, a pandemic, or some other tragedy. This series and book will help you avoid this moment of metaphysical crisis by facilitating an inquiry into the veracity of the Christian faith.

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